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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Peru tops the list of the world's most sought-after food destinations, and you will find that it is no exception. If you are eating in a very prestigious restaurant, try to eat on the day when the fish is freshest. One thing you must try is ceviche, if in Peru, that is a must - try And if you've ever experienced what Peru has to offer, then you "must" try Chifa, also known as Peruvian or Chinese cuisine. Italian cuisine, one of Peru's most popular, is a great source of fresh seafood.

For something lighter, visit Zig and Zag's sister restaurant, specialising in crêpes and wine, located in front of the Monasterio Santa Catalina.

I hope these recommendations will help you find the best restaurants in Arequipa during your trip to Peru. If you visit one of these restaurants outside of Are QuipA, please share your experiences with other travelers to decide where to eat.

Although you need a reservation, the following traditional Peruvian food recommendations are based on the dishes offered by the restaurants and the average price, not much more.

When I was looking for the best restaurants in Arequipa, Peru, I was quite surprised when Indians were at the top of the list. I am surprised that Peru has a large Asian influence, which is best reflected in its diet.

This modest restaurant, identified by Anthony Bourdain and considered by many to be Lima's best Cebicheria, is the perfect place to see this influence in action.

Arequipa has regional dishes and ingredients that are different from anything you have ever tried, and as a result of this unique cooking style, it has some of the best restaurants in South America. Chicha is a safe choice for fine dining in Arequipsa, with fresh, local ingredients used in dishes such as chicharrones, chorizo, quesadillas and other dishes. Located on a boulevard overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this restaurant is known for its coastal traditions blended with Spanish and local influences.

This place is great if you have been in Peru for a while and want to exchange some traditional dishes for something more modern and unique. Get ready for some gastronomic highlights, because this is a must - try the restaurant for those who have forgotten what the country has to offer in terms of food, culture, cuisine and food culture. This restaurant in Arequipa is one of the most diverse in Peru and it is one of the best restaurants in the city. If you like a good fish dish such as quesadillas, chicharrones or chorizo, you will enjoy Barrio ceviche in this restaurant.

Alfajorillos, on the other hand, is a soft breading, filled with dulce de leche, known in Colombia as Arequipe. It is rich and aromatic, known throughout Peru and also contains cumin, garlic and other spices. Arequipa even has its own lemonade, which competes with the Inca Kola, which is popular in Peru.

There is a common phenomenon in Peruvian food that I have not seen anywhere else: bones are almost never removed from anything.

The same goes for the travel and lifestyle in Peru, where we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Arequipa, Peru, that you should definitely try. If you are looking to relax while hiking in Cusco or just arrived from Bolivia or Chile, Are witzelt is the perfect place to meet up with other travelers and have a drink or two. Osso may be the least authentic Peruvian restaurant on this list, but it could easily be the best place in South America to enjoy a steak. As the name suggests, Las Gringas Restaurant and Beer Garden is a great place for the gringos to try the top restaurants in AreQUIPA Peru.

It's not a local thing, it's quite touristy, but with Arequipa Peru Holidays you can walk one of the fabulous Colca Canyon Treks and travel to almost any city. Take a free walk through AreQUIPA with views of all the volcanoes that surround the city, as well as the breathtaking views of Cusco, the capital of Peru.

A stroll through the streets of Arequipa will take you to Plaza Armas, perhaps Peru's most impressive square. Head back to Plaza Armas to see why it is known as la Cuidad Blanca, or the White City, in Lima.

Pachamanca is a traditional preparation in the central Peruvian Andes and has origins that go back to the Inca Empire. La Nueva Palomino in Arequipa is used as a shrine for the Are quinoa cuisine and takes Peruvian food back to its origins.

The city of Arequipa has its own comida criolla (Creole food), which is similar to the traditional cuisine of southern Peru but consists of rocoto. Northern Peru is known for its hearty cuisine, which includes macerated meat such as duck and goat. No trip to Are quipA would be complete without a traditional soup like adobo, which is served all over Peru, but in AreQUIPA everything is better. In Causa, potato-based starters come in many forms and shapes and are definitely worth trying in Peru.

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