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My first trip to Peru revealed to me the incredible beauty of the country and its amazing natural beauty. I visited a sleepy town in Colombia, which is nearly two hours from Bogota and which houses some of the most beautiful and beautiful properties in Peru.

I love the weather in the city of Arequipa and now, believe it or not, the accommodation is much cheaper and more livable than in some areas of Lima. Surrounded by volcanoes and close to the Colca Canyon, we have a fantastic museum that houses some of the country's most famous mummies. Although my wife and I have many family members there, I like to live in a city whose housing costs are, I believe, considerably lower than in other parts of Peru. The weather is not close - perfect in AreqipA, but I love it.

Renting an apartment in Lima tends to be expensive depending on the neighborhood and condition of the property, but in Areqipa you can find a home in the same area for less than half the purchase price.

In Areqipa, you can buy a good rental property for less than half the purchase price in the same area for a similar price as in Lima.

Earlier this year we were only 10 days in Barranco, north of Lima, and we liked the area, but I think Arequipa is one of the most beautiful in South America. Colombia is another place we have considered, but we see that it would be more expensive to live there than in Colombia. My wife is from Lima and her family has been living there for a few years in an area we like. We are more interested in Peru because our wife's family lives there and the apartments are perhaps cheaper. Other things I like about Peru and AreqipA, you'll all find out if you like it better or if it's a place you'll have to think about.

Arequipa was born from the city's history as a commercial and commercial center, as well as its culture and culture. The city literature is also the result of a long research and study of the history of Peru and the world, and a part of it was created here.

Arequipa is so popular that it is nicknamed the "White City" because many of the original buildings are made of white stone. Arequipsi is an important tourist destination in the so-called southern Peru tourist corridor. Northern Peru is bordered by a vast ecosystem stretching from the Gulf of California, Mexico, to Cabo Blanco in northern Peru. There are a number of tourist attractions, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, hotels and hotels.

This strong regionalism is a strong feature of the city and its citizens, so much so that historian Jorge Basadre declared Arequipa "the gun in the heart of Lima." There is a relatively large police presence and it feels like a reasonably safe city, especially compared to other cities in the region, such as Lima.

Property prices are very good compared to other cities in the region, such as Lima and other parts of Peru. As for the doctors, we had no experience with them here, but we found them more than acceptable.

When you hear the end, I will tell you how to get a written copy in Arequipa, Peru, but there is no other way. If you are retired, you might want to buy 6 months of supplies for a longer trip to Peru. These include rent, utilities, food and public transport, so it can be a one-way street. The flight to Lima costs only about 75 dollars, although we believe there are other options, we last knew about a flight.

The investment in Peru Investor Visa takes one year, but can be extended continuously if the conditions are still met. One of the main conditions of the investment visa is the ability to make, develop and manage individual or multiple investments in Peru.

The investor must also present a business plan approved by a Peruvian economist and employ at least five Peruvian citizens in the first year.

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If you talk to anyone in Peru, they will say that Arequipa has one of the best food in the country. In Peru you will find great Peruvian cuisine, which you can enjoy in any restaurant, bar, restaurant or even in a hotel or hotel room.

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More About Arequipa