Arequipa Peru Intercontinental Hotel

Colca Canyon is a pristine wilderness full of breath - breathtakingly beautiful, whether in its natural beauty or in the wilderness of the jungle.

Apart from its architecture, Arequips is known for its vibrant nightlife and is the ideal place to explore the Peruvian countryside. The Colca Canyon is located nearby and is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peru and the second largest in the world.

The property is located on Boulevard de la 70, from where you have a magnificent view of the Colca Canyon and the city of Arequipa and the mountains. Travelers can enjoy the best restaurants and shopping around the hotel. Calle Coronel Andres, a few meters from the main entrance of the Hotel Isquips and a short walk from the parking lot.

Surrounded by volcanoes, the spectacular architecture of the city, including the historic city centre and the impressive cathedral, dominates majestically on the Socobaya River, which is surrounded by the volcano. Active visitors can climb the summit of Colca Canyon, but a good level of physical fitness is highly recommended, as the altitude can take its toll. If you don't want a steep hike, you can walk back to your hotel or take a day trip.

If your travel plans fall within one month of any of the above, it is highly advisable to make your flight reservation as early as possible. If you wish to purchase your ticket (s) and extend or shorten your stay (i.e. change the date of your flights), please ensure that you are provided with full information on any changes to your reservation and applicable penalties. There are travel agencies online, as well as online travel agencies and hotels in the area.

If you think you need a visa, which is highly unlikely to be a tourist and not a student, please contact EDEAQ to contact your Peruvian diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate). When checking in your baggage, make sure to put a baggage tag on it and indicate the name of the travel agent where you purchased your ticket. Please note that travel agents where the ticket was purchased contact the Peruvian Embassy or Consulate for further information.

The country code of Peru is 51 and the area code of Arequipa is 054 (if you call from abroad, dial 5154), and all other relevant dialling codes are bedded.

IHG currently has 82 Holiday Inn Express properties in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Lima - San Isidro is owned and operated by IH GmbH, a subsidiary of International Hotel Group, Inc., the world's largest hotel management company.

Arequipa offers a well-stocked supermarket with a wide selection of quality products, a small but modern shopping center with a large number of specialty stores and a number of restaurants. The variety is less impressive than in Lima, but there are a lot, especially for the special batteries you might need for your camera. I recommend not to travel to Lima - San Isidro with a full camera or camera set. Cheaper options can also be found at the local supermarket or in a variety of other downtown shops for advice.

If you are considering a trip to the Peruvian lowlands, you should get vaccinated against yellow fever and take malaria tablets. Even if these basic precautions are taken, staying in Peru, and especially Arequipa, does not mean that there is a risk of AIDS, especially in third world countries.

Once you've arrived at the top, there are a few small hotels your guide can visit, some of which have swimming pools. If you are looking for condors, you may need to rent one of the many private condor aspects in Arequipa, such as the Condor Sanctuary or the Condor Aspect Actuary.

The hotel also offers a variety of options for guests looking to organise social gatherings and corporate events. Guests must log in to use the Wi-Fi connection only via one hotel - IHG Connect enabled.

Service Properties Trusthas has now decided to terminate its contract with IHG as of 30 November 2020 and must now pay USD. USD, which is also due on August 1, 2020 and costs 90-180 days of overstretch when leaving the country. If this amount is not paid, additional defaults will be subject to payment, which would increase the amount that must be paid to avoid termination. SVC had an agreement to run the hotel under the IhG brand for one year after termination to allow an orderly transition.

Spanish courses here in Arequipa, you will receive all necessary teaching materials and dictionaries. If you rent a car through a travel agency or a private telephone line, we recommend that you contact EDEAQ for advice.

More About Arequipa

More About Arequipa