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I thought the long and strange history of Peru was over, but when I arrived in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, I noticed that I was expecting a surprise: Coca leaves are legal in Peru and I watched coca leaves and tea. This is a great way to prevent altitude sickness in Cusco: something that might surprise you and that you will certainly encounter during your visit to Cusco. Coca tea is available all over the world and provides a natural remedy for altitude sickness, so the demand for it is enormous.

The coca tea leaves contain natural alkaloids and do not alter the body's immune system, which can come in many different forms such as red, white, green, yellow, orange, red or green. In Peru, the leaves are boiled in hot water for a few minutes, which makes them known as "paired coca" in Peru. You can also buy it in the shops in Cusco and other parts of the country as well as on the Internet.

Coca tea is legal in Peru, as is coca tea, which is legal in the US, and coca leaves themselves are legal. Peru and Bolivia, however, have their own laws, which you can read about further on this page, what is available and how to have it there. In Bolivia and Peru there are a number of different types of tea leaves to buy.

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I think you will enjoy your stay in Casa Arequipa and experience all the things Isquipsi has to offer. There is no need to stay in Plaza Armas as you don't get the tourist feeling, but I think there is a good chance that you will enjoy a stay with CasA. Be in the city of queso while experiencing all that Areqipsa has to offer, such as the carnival season and the best hotel deals in Peru.

Bolivian crushed coca leaves in 50 grams ready to ship, add them to your wish list and also be in the literature of the city. Arequipa was born and 11 coca is also the name of the Andean peoples who lived in this city thousands of years before its birth. The whitewashed walls, the surrounding volcanoes and the beautiful landscape of Isquipsi are all provided by Casa Areqipsa, one of the best Western hotels in Peru.

The ancient Incas knew about the stimulating effect of coca leaves many centuries ago and the extract was produced in Peru, the cradle of the ancient Inca culture. Coca is so popular that it is still used today as tea and chewing agent.

People in the Andes of Peru, Bolivia and Colombia chew the natural leaves and prepare tea in infusion or powder form for baking and cooking. It is used to lose weight and open blood vessels so that more coca can be sold in tea bags packed with sugar and other ingredients and used in the country where it is grown. The report states that Bolivia and neighbouring Peru should abolish or ban the use of coca leaf extract in food and drink and the sale of coca to the public. In the United States it is legal for personal use, but not for public consumption in other countries.

The best way to take advantage of the unique benefits of coca leaf is to experience for yourself what I mentioned in my introduction. My experience with the coconut leaf occurred on a night bus that took me from Arequipa to Puno near Lake Titicaca and in a few hours climbed 5,000 feet.

The bus ride from Cusco to Arequipa takes only seven hours, but there is nothing like it in Peru. Many backpackers make their way from the Andes to the city of Lima, a journey that takes a staggering 20 hours from Lima itself, where you will cross an endless desert landscape. The trip is not for the faint hearted, because the route leads through the mountains between the cities. In fact, Are quesco is somewhere between Cuco and Lima That is, it is used as a base for backpackers to stream in however much less than in Cisco.

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More About Arequipa