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Below you will find more than 20 private luxury lodges in Las Casitas de Colca with a total of 2,500 square meters of office space and 4,000 square meters of hotel rooms.

The front half of the hotel is beautiful, made entirely of Sillars, with high ceilings and elegant décor. A total of five suites belong to this property and 13 are built with window sills and it is recommended to be in a superior room. The rear of the Hotel Las Casitas de Colca has 14 rooms, 13 of which are superior. Although the rooms are comfortable and clean, we recommend you to change to a suite in the historic building. It is a modern decorated block of rooms with modern amenities such as a private pool, private bathroom and private shower.

Apart from its architecture, the Arequips is known for its vibrant nightlife and is the ideal base for exploring the Peruvian countryside. The facilities and location also make it an ideal base for exploring the beautiful countryside of the Aracari region, home to the largest mountain range in the world. The Colca Canyon is located nearby and is probably the most popular tourist destination in Peru and the second largest in South America. A visit to Isquipa can be combined with a private trip to Peru or ArACari and a stay in one of these hotels - selected luxury hotels will be an unforgettable way to spend a few days there.

The best time to visit: everyone is looking for something new and off the beaten track before the crowds come. It doesn't take one or two days to visit the main attractions of Arequipa and visitors typically have access to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the region, such as the Colca Canyon. The best time to visit: A good time for a private trip to Peru or ArACari and a visit to La Paz, which is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world as well as visitors from all over the world.

The location is ideal: Arequipa is surrounded by three volcanoes and the entire building is surrounded by a garden, giving you the opportunity to create a unique experience similar to what travelers do on the route Are Quipi - Cuzco. Best time to visit: Casa Andina Select in AreQUIPA is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the Colca Canyon. With its modern and functional design, it is ideal for travelers who appreciate efficiency and service.

If you don't want a steep hike, you can take a day tour or walk back to the hotel or take a night tour. Active visitors can also hike, although a good physical condition is recommended, as the altitude can take its toll.

To book your holiday now and to consult with us, please fill out our contact form and contact Fertur Peru Travel's coordinator. You can also contact us to plan your stay in one of our best luxury hotels during the working days of your trip.

The Colca Canyon is a pristine wilderness full of breath - breathtaking and here you can also admire the volcanoes of Arequipa. From the ringed volcano near the Colca Gorge, we have a fantastic museum that houses the country's most famous mummies. Then we visit the Puente Fierro, designed by the same creator of the Eiffel Tower, recommend the Yanahuara Square and visit the famous Picanteria, which we recommend if you have a great view of the beautiful mountain range, the mountains and the city.

Arequipa was born and is so famous that it is called the "White City" because many of the original buildings are made of white stone. This stone is an interesting site, which has earned it the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The literature of the city is also steeped in the stories of its history, which have been written here, such as the story of Ishmael, the first king of Peru, and the legend of his wife.

Surrounded by art, history and architecture, Cirqa also offers great views of the city centre and some of Peru's most beautiful beaches. From here, it is easy and convenient to stroll through and reach the picturesque city centers of Arequipa, complementing your customized itinerary in Peru with Aracari. The Hotel Katari is perfectly located in the main square of Plaza Armas, to absorb the history and culture of Are Queso. Are quipi. Fertur Peru Travel is committed to providing you with a high quality and personalized service that starts with the planning of your trip and continues throughout your trip to guarantee you the best holiday.

With easy access to the city center, our selection of the best accommodations in Arequipa offers visitors a fantastic place to relax. Our 45 air-conditioned rooms are designed to help travelers spend a day exploring the beautiful city center and its beautiful beaches, as well as the breathtaking views of Are Queso.

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More About Arequipa