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Arequipa, Peru is a wonderful white city, but one of the city's best assets could simply be its own distinctive cuisine. Peru has long been the food mecca of South America and proudly claims the title of "the most popular food destination in the world" and is now considered the place to go if you want to experience five-star cuisine! With over 1.5 million people per square kilometre and a population of over 2.2 million people, it is one of the most popular food destinations on the planet.

Whether you are traveling to Lima or Cusco, read our recommendations for traditional Peruvian cuisine in each city to find some amazing restaurants to enjoy during your stay in Peru.

If you live in the United States and want to know where to get Peruvian food, we recommend Kosmos Peru. If you are looking for a gourmet experience for a while, look no further than La Nueva Palomino. As the name suggests, Las Gringas Restaurant with beer garden is one of the best restaurants in Arequipa, Peru where gringos can taste their favorite cuisine. Popular Peruvian dishes are available here for as little as $3-5, and if you don't have any ideas about what to try, Rocoto Relleno is a good choice.

Peruvian drinks and cocktails are also worth trying, and no visit to Peru is complete without a taste of the famous Pisco Sour. It has been said that this beer is the best in Peru, so try it in Arequipa and head to the Picanteria to order this famous corn-fermented beer, which has been enjoyed throughout Peru since the Inca era. You should also drink anise natar after eating to be satisfied with your meal. With daily dishes served time and again and the opportunity to simply share a table with locals, eating in Picantersia is a must when visiting Are Quiapo, Peru.

Causa is one of the most popular appetizers in Peru and a potato cake that consists of various fillings. A common variety in Lima, it is traditionally made with nougat and often served with a slice of cream cheese, such as choclo con queso. Causa, this potato-based appetizer can come in many shapes and forms, but is definitely worth a try during your Peru trip at least once. It is often found in soups, ceviches and other traditional dishes, as well as as as an accompaniment in restaurants and bars.

It is popular in a dish such as piura, a combination of potato pie and cream cheese, which is usually used in the form of choclo con queso, a sweet and sour cream sauce.

If you are on a budget and the fish is served very fresh, you should definitely try this dish, as it is one of the best in the country. Lima is not the only place in Peru where you can discover delicious food during your trip, Arequipa has also become a culinary destination. If you are in a coastal city in Peru like Lima, the food here is different from anywhere else in Peru, as the dishes are from the coastal region of Peru. Are quesadillas, a region with a rich history and culture. If you can manage on your budget, you can experience Peruvian food on a whole new level, and if not, you can always get it at the local restaurant.

If there is only one thing to try in Arequipa, it is cheese ice cream, which is not actually made of cheese. This region is located in the coastal region of Peru, as well as in other parts of the country, such as Peru's capital Lima.

This delicacy originates in the eastern part of the Andes and is one of the most famous dishes in Peru. Ceviche, often called spelt spaetzle in Peru, is a dish made from meat, cheese, sweet potatoes and a variety of other foods. Typically served with camote (sweet potato), it can be found in many restaurants in Arequipa, as well as in other parts of Lima.

Soltero queso is very simple and pleasant, especially if you consider that there is really no typical salad in Peru. A trip to Arequipa would be complete without the traditional soup adobo. This soup is served all over Peru, but it is the best you can get and you can enjoy it in Lima and Cusco. Peruvian spices, in them marinated beef hearts, which are grilled over an open fire, can be enjoyed in Lima or Cushco, but even better in

Vegetarian salads with vegetables are not necessarily part of Peruvian culture, but in Arequipa there is a dish called Soltero. This salad is made with Lima butter beans, called Pallare in Peru, cooked whole, chilled, mixed with a mixture of onions, tomatoes, vegetables and aji and marinated in lime juice, oil, salt and vinegar.

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